Fruitcake is a traditional food at Christmas time, but is also a joke in America. To be “a fruitcake”means to be crazy. T搜尋行銷he food is a dense bread cake filled with dried fruit pieces and nuts and soaked in brandy. It takes at least 2 weeks to make correctly. Lindsey Bard
  水果蛋糕是聖誕期間的傳統食物,同時裝潢在美國它還是一個開玩笑的用詞。To be “a fruitcake”意思是指一個人腦筋不正常,很瘋狂、舉止怪誕。水果蛋糕是由密實的蛋糕添加水果乾和堅果,並浸到白蘭地裡面做成的。這樣至少要花上兩個禮拜的時間才能製作完成。  (原標題:The fruitcake story)


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